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June 24, 2008 at 7:22 am #1971

Dave i’ve been pretty constant for about I think 4 years now?

Ha ha don’t even ask me about my lifts when i started ha ha. If I’m correct they are below.

Bench: 50 – 70?kgs
Squat: 80kgs
Dead: 90kgs

Funny thing is though tha my middle bro who is 24 is now benching 120kgs and he’s only been training for about 6mths!! He only weighs 90kgs wringing wet 😯

I have lost strength again at the moment due to many things including the fact that I have totally changed my training again. But as I have said in another post I am focusing pretty much on strength and power again at the moment for footy. Beat the top team on the weekend 34 – 22 just in case anyone wanted to know ha ha. Corked my knee really badly and have to lay of legs for a bit. Although I’m gonna see how I go tonite?