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May 25, 2008 at 10:39 am #1969

@dave wrote:

One contestant is from QLD i think, the big ass guy in gladiators. So there must be something like this around. If this interests you, you will have to change you training methods. Cut out all the minimal work such as arm isolation etc, stick to the big heavy compounds, grip strength (A LOT), specific exercises like odd shaped lifts (big ass rocks), famers walks, keg tossing etc etc etc etc. I think it is a hell of a lot more fun to train this way. You can chuck rocks or kegs across the yard, move big heavy things from one spot to the another in a specific time, push the car up hills etc.

I say go for it if you can, search on google for strongman comps in qld or strongman training, or strongman clubs etc etc. You will find something.

Nah, I’m not naturally strong enough. I just love the raw power, and the fact that it is normal guys just lifting huge shit! I do this whole thing cos it makes me feel good and it makes my life generally easier.