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November 27, 2005 at 1:13 am #1860

Horo, If my memory serves me correctly I’m sure Bull wrote awhile ago about a different approach to bench that I found to work quite well. As you may already know with body sculpting it’s about making the lift harder not easier as to achieve as much hypertrophy as naturally possible. His technique is as follows:

Always have someone to spot you with this. Postion yourself on the bench so that when you bring the bar down instead of hitting the lower or middle part of your chest try bringing it down so that you stop just above your throat. It is extremely uncomfortable at first for it goes against what you are used to, but why not try it?

Derek Amos wrote:
Try some close grip pullovers with the arms bent. I use a low cable 2 or 3 feet behind my head, whilst laying lengthwise on a low bench, but with an EZ bar might be similar. DA

DA the exercise you refer to was ultimately designed at broadening the ribcage area I thought??

And Horo by the way standing curls are desinged to hit Biceps? Did you mean standing tri extention? My favorite Tricep exercise would have to be tri pushdowns and the faithful weighted dip is great for targeting both the upper chest and the triceps.