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October 30, 2005 at 7:04 am #1809

@sage wrote:

Buffer, I’ve been looking at the same power cage but have not been able to find one around here, or rather I probably don’t know where to look :roll: …could you please tell me where you are getting yours from?

If I were you I would steer clear of the cage that I mentioned above. That is the Powerline PPR178 power cage and it is not a good cage. The cage above only has 9 holes, so it might be useless to you if you want to use it for bench presses and your body size is incompatible with the 6inch increments. That was the one I was going to get before I did more research on it. There is a company called Orbit Fitness in Western Australia that sells it for $630, I’m not sure if they are located in other states but there are about 7 stores here in WA.

If I were you I would buy either a Powertec, BodyCraft F40 or if you go the Body Solid route I would only get a WPR82, but if you decide to get the Body Solid GPR78 don’t settle for anything less than $600.
Powertec is the cheapest but it is extremely well made and includes Dipping bars which are normally sold for $75 seperately.
Also I wouldn’t pay over $1000 for a cage if it didn’t come with Lat attachments.
Also you might need to buy a 7ft bar is you don’t have one already or already using olympic weights.

Just for kicks if you have the resources, then you could consider getting the Titan. Probably best in the world.