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December 12, 2005 at 9:07 am #1612

The injectable version is sold as an aqueous suspension: basically solid crystals in water. Injections in animals are designed to be given on a once-per-week basis: the crystals form a depot that is only slowly broken down and released from the injection site. The crystals are described as “quite insoluble in water.”

There’s no difference – chemically – between the tablet and injectable form. But there’s likely to be a big difference in how the crystals are prepared: since the injectable form is intended to be released gradually from the injection site, it stands to reason that the crystals would be larger and/or more irregularly sized; whereas the crystals used in the tablet form (designed for daily oral consumption) would be prepared as finely and uniformly as possible for maximum absorption in the GI.

Data in dogs published by Pharmacia comparing the tablets to the injections demonstrate substantially superior nitrogen retention with injections at equivalent doses. This points to a difference in absorption/assimilation between the tablets – which are intended for oral consumption – vs. the injections. I doubt – for the reasons noted above – that consumption of the injectable suspension would be the equivalent to the tablets…