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September 28, 2005 at 9:29 am #1580

1.5 inches on your waist? that usually isnt where you want to put on size.

What happens is that insulin concentrations increase in the blood due to carbohydrates being ingested. Now when insulin is increased it promotes storage of carbohydrates in muscles and in adipose tissue (fat) aswell as amino acid uptake into muscles. So as you can see after exercise this is a good thing to get nutrients into the muscles where it is needed. Now without exercise you are basically spiking your blood sugar and sending carbs to the muscles which are about full and that then goes to the fats cells and all that fat you have just ingested also gets sent straight to the fat cells. SO… you have a major increase in adipose tissue.

When you eat just fat and protein you do not spike your blood sugar levels so the body goes about as normal without major adipose gains (unless you are REALLY overeating). Eat Protein and carbs leads to a spike in blood sugar, then a release in insulin and carbs and aminos get sent to the muscles (good for breakfast where you need replenisment and after exercise).

Ok i hope that helps explain it to you.