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September 13, 2005 at 9:20 pm #1545

I remember this question being asked on t-mag a while back so it may be worth searching under Ramadan there.

Obviously you’ve got to treat this as a dieting phase so I would think you’ve got to back off the volume big time. Your only goal (at the gym) should be to preserve muscle mass.

My feeling is that you would still want to lift heavy but back of volume and ditch any cardio.

Forget about idea’s like not eating carbs before bed as this is the only time you’ve got. Protein and carbs before WO and P + C after workouts. This is one case we’re I’d definitely think about preparing a shake to have in the middle of the night and try to wake at 3:45 to have a meal with slow release protein, like cottage cheese which would be my preference over something like casein and good fats eg, fish oil and flax oil.

In any case, measure your vital stats before Ramadan so you can compare afterwards. Let us know the result.

Good luck. J.