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September 8, 2005 at 11:40 pm #1514

The whole thing looks to busy to me. I figure you must be skimming through all sets without prioritizing the first exercise for hypertrophy. The rest can be filler/isolation exercises, but the first one should be the compound exercise that the workout is built around. You prob’ don’t need so many other exercises to go along with the main one. With so much energy spent on all those at the one time the hypertrophy effects will be fragmented/percented between all of them, hence no real gain that shows. F… & finish yourself on the first one with something like GVT or trim it down a bit with Advanced GVT (German Volume Training), then add a few peripheral exercises, These probably don’t need to be specifically in the same bodypart area either.

Google ‘German Volume Training’ for more info’.

At least thats my opinion. DA