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September 24, 2005 at 7:24 am #1459

@Dr J wrote:

First up, JU, I think you’re selling yourself short for attributing so much to supps. You’ve done an awesome job and the only thing that’s going to make a substantial difference to your own hard work and diligence in dieting are real ASs and not wannabe AS supplements.

Damn, got to go. To be continued am …

Now were was I?

@JUiCeD_Up wrote:

What do think of ‘ZMA’ the zinc/magnesium/B6 supp?

I don’t have a problem with ZMA although the BALCO shit-fight has made me a little more suspicious.

@JUiCeD_Up wrote:

And whats your take on methoxyisoflavone and Tribulus? Because they reccomend you take approx. 1000mg per day of tribulus. My mates and I have taken 40,000mg-60,000mg per day and we got some serious strength gains!

40 to 60g per day of tribulus 😮 You’re kidding right! Not much in the way of research to support tribulus for muscle gains but it certainly seems to have an effect. More than a gram per day makes me way aggro.

@JUiCeD_Up wrote:

Lastly Kre-Alkalyn, you tried it? Or you think this is also a sales pitch?

Yes ❗

They’ve taken the same approach as a certain serum creatine manufacturer in attacking plain old creatine monohydrate and claiming it’s useless. I guess that a boat-load of peer reveiwed studies must be wrong and their unsupported claims are correct.

And I’ve had guys claim serum creatine is the best thing since sliced bread but research shows that there’s no creatine present and that it does not even come close to matching the effects of plain old creatine monohydrate.