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September 15, 2005 at 10:54 am #1454

It probably is Dr J, though its worth giving it a try. Anything to pack on size naturally. And if it only gives you that little bit extra to train harder and recover quicker, why not?

You seem to know what your talking about Dr J, you know your supplements back to front and these sites do have a tendency to say anything to sell their products, so maybe you can give me some fairdinkim advice on a few supps.
What do think of ‘ZMA’ the zinc/magnesium/B6 supp?
And whats your take on methoxyisoflavone and Tribulus? Because they reccomend you take approx. 1000mg per day of tribulus. My mates and I have taken 40,000mg-60,000mg per day and we got some serious strength gains!
Lastly Kre-Alkalyn, you tried it? Or you think this is also a sales pitch? I was a bit skeptical at first, I thought how could 1500mg per day be enough compared to loading up with shit loads of normal creatine, but this stuff is awsome especially when you drink pure carbs 15mins after it.
Cheers Dr J.