Prepare to be Inspired!

tequilaImagine you’re in a bar, tanked on tequila. It’s past midnight and a shapely young lady is hitting on you. This shapely young lady is not your wife.

Your nine-to-five excuse for a life is not what you’d planned for yourself. Feeling kind of sick, you stagger out the door and find yourself opposite one of those inner city all night gyms.  Something propels you across the street and through those glass doors and suddenly you find yourself at the squat rack, where you load up the bar with a few wheels either side. Then you start pumping. And you don’t stop.

Never gonna happen? Don’t be too sure. It’s never too late, or too soon to turn your life around, according to tequila-swilling office drone-turned marathon-man Dean Karnazes who tells his amazing story  in Wired Magazine.

Prepare to be inspired.

Dean Karnazes literally fled his empty existence 14 years ago and has never looked back. These days he is “an international symbol of human achievement,” with endorsements, a sponsorship deal from The North Face, a bestselling memoir under his belt and a zippy website where you can “follow his icon rolling across a digital landscape”. Recently he ran 50 marathons in 50 consecutive days, one in each of the 50 American states.

karnase book

How does he do it? One of Dean’s  twelve tips for success recommends a fat dense fuel such as donuts and pizza, chased by well, cheesecake, cinnamon buns and éclairs. Karnazes simply dials Dominos on the run, using specialised GPS software built into his old Timex watch, which has the added advantage of broadcasting his location to the Internet for fans to follow on, especially when Karnazes disappears, as he so frequently does, into the night.

According to the report, “the high-fat pig-out fuels Karnazes long jaunts, which can burn more than 9000 calories a day.” As body builders know, fat contains roughly twice as many calories per gram as carbs, and Karnazes, needs almost twice the calories of a pro body builder during a bulking phase. Note: like body builders, Karnazes’ diet varies dramatically depending on whether he’s resting or on a record-breaking jag. In a reversal of the body building routine, between marathons, Karnazes pigs out with grilled salmon five nights a week. Deprived? Driven? Demented? Yes to all of the above. But Karnazes claims he’s gotten used to it, just as all athletes adapt to the pain of the their particular calling. As he says. “There is magic in misery.”

With the New Year upon us and resolutions already blowing in the wind, Karnazes’ story may be the most important one you’ll ever read. Because you don’t have to be a runner. His twelve tips speak to each and every one of us keen to make the most of our physical and psychological selves.  Karnazes is living proof of mind over matter. As author Joshua Davis puts it,  “Your mind… is your most important muscle.” And what better proof of this than Superman Karnazes’ final tip : Avoid Kryptonite!

After all, who needs tequila when you can have chocolate covered espresso beans?

Epiphanies may not come any stranger or stronger than this. Or do they? If you’ve got a slob-to-superhuman story to tell, we’re listening.

karnazes and kids
Karnazes with his kids

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