Jen Heath

Jen HeathYou can’t blame Nate Green of T-Nation for getting a little saucy with Jen Heath, mother of four, dirt-bike daredevil, NGA Pro Card holder, and fitness model.

Jen’s story is pretty amazing.

Some highlights:
Always athletic, Jen was confined to her bed during a difficult pregnancy and weighed in at 89 kgs prior to the premature birth of twins in 2004.

Jen and the twins

A physically and emotionally grueling year followed, but by 2005, Jen bounced back and in September 2006, she landed her NGA Pro Card at her first competition.

Jen wins her Pro Card

And the rest, as they say is herstory.

These days, Jen runs a successful website involved with some of the top names in the industry such as Charles Staley, Lonnie Lowry and Craig Ballantyne; develops fitness products and training programs, sells e-books, is a hardworking fitness and photo model, as well as running a family of four.

Jen Health

How does she do it?

It all comes down to what Jen calls 5 Effective Habits for Highly Successful Physique Transformation. recommends that everyone read this article, which details the five rules that will change your body and mind, whether you’re a working mum or a single guy.
1) Commitment to yourself,
2) Keeping a record of your training
3) Keeping a record of your nutrition
4) Smart grocery shopping
5) Preparing specific foods and supplements ahead of time.

So if you want to look like Jen, or meet someone who does, set aside fifteen minutes to read this article. It impressed Olympic trainer and bodybuilding coach, Alwyn Cosgrove, which makes it worth a look.

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