Health is Hotte!

ParvatiElle does 1000 sit ups a day.

The Body embodies the mark of attractive women throughout history, as a new study published in the Royal Society, has shown.

Or does she?

Dr Devendra Sing studied references to female beauty from modern times back to early Indian Literature. Slimness was the most common form of praise for the female form.

According to the study, this adds to evidence that highlights the role of the hourglass figure — WHR, or waist to hip ratio — in attracting a mate. The study, which examines hundreds of fictional texts throughout history and across cultures, finds that after large breasts, waistlines were “a core feature of feminine beauty that transcends ethnic differences and cultures.”

So what is the science behind The Body?

Is there, as another study suggests, a biological basis to the Barbie doll?


The Body


These studies argue that women with large breasts or low WHR were shown to have higher oestrogen levels, which are linked to fertility.

So, what if the evolutionary psychologists are correct, and the prime directive for males is to pass on their genetic material. Do they really need a Goddess, or a Body to do it?

Dr Martin Tovee of the University of Newcastle says no. His numerous studies of female attractiveness have shown that when images of real women are examined, whether their figure is in proportion was considered more important than curves.




Unfailingly, the men opted for women with a BMI of 18-21, regardless of shape. Health-wise this category is at the light end of normal weight. The most attractive BMI was found to be 20, which the men awarded five points on average.

As soon as women’s weights dropped below 18 their attractiveness started to plunge rapidly. According to another of Tovee’s studies on attractiveness, well-proportioned women who were more straight up and down scored much higher among both men and women than their curvaceous counterparts.

Which ever way you look at it, health is sexy. And a strong, trim waist is usually a sign of good health.

So get crunching, or better yet, try working up a sweat, Venuto-style.

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