Dallas Page: Just A regular guy

Diamond Dallas PageWrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) is giving Madonna a run for her money in the reinvention stakes. Wrestler, actor, and now yogi to the stars, Page has brought yoga out from under the lotus tree and into the ring, shed, gym or whatever he-man space that floats your boat.

Raised by his grandma, the irrepressible wrestling fan was hit by a car when he was twelve years old and told he’d never play contact sports again. Page was never one to listen to bad news and went on to enjoy a stellar run as high school and collegiate basketball champ.

But to describe his 14 year wrestling career as successful is a massive understatement. Everyone knows the story: the charismatic nightclub owner and motor-mouthed fight promoter became the oldest rookie in history at 36, taking on kings of the mat like Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg and Randy Savage. Celebrity matches with Denis Rodman, tag-teaming with Jay Leno and hanging out in Hollywood was all just part of the territory, and DDP took it all in his fun-loving stride.

Yoga DVD

Three world championships, two torn rotator cuffs, a ripped meniscus and two ruptured discs later, the forty-something DDP faced some tough choices. Ever positive and forever young, DDP went back to the mat, the yoga mat this time. But being a disciple wasn’t enough for this tough guy. It was Guru or Go Home.

Page was so convinced that Yoga was The Way, that he developed YRG—Yoga for Regular Guys. Presented as a book-DVD combo, YRG is a blast in 20, 30, or 45 minute workouts.

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The 51 year old Page swears YRG has not only put his humpty dumpty back together again, but it is also the fountain of youth. To prove it, on a recent visit to Iraq, he wiped the floor with a soldier half his age in a push-up contest.

And DDP’s film career isn’t looking too shabby either. Starting small with a support role in The First Daughter (1999), his hulking physical presence has recently earned him notable lead roles in Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects (2005), and Driftwood (Tim Sullivan, 2006), a supernatural thriller set in a teenage rehab facility. DDP is also slated to star in Joe Estevez’s upcoming spoof, Horrorween and Gallowwalker (Andrew Goth), with Wesley Snipes.

DDP stretchs out

DDP doesn’t go anywhere without his YRG. When he’s not performing, he’s standing on his head or training his co-stars. Driftwood director Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) swears by it, but the real test was Rob Zombie. If it worked for that stress junkie, it’ll work for anyone.


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