Jamie Eason – Body and Brains!

Ok, folks, the good news for fans of fitness model Jamie Eason, is that according to interviewer Chris Shugart, “with the body comes a brain – quite a refreshing experience.” Leaving aside for the moment, a) where that puts Mrs. Chris Shugart or equivalent, and b) how previous interviewees might feel at being described as “duller than a two-dollar Tijuana pocketknife, the bad news, according to Miss Eason, herself, is that “You will never see nude images of me.”   “Booooooo..” we say. “Booooooo’ says Mr Shugart.. But hey, check out this interview with Miss Eason in which she discusses her training routine (lift to failure and don’t rest too long between sets), her diet (5-6 meals a day consisting of lean protein plus slow digesting carbs), and supplements (protein powder, multi-vitamins, BCAAS and glutamine, with a little help from those trusty prescription diuretics). But never mind all that. This little confabs features a brace of never before seen pics, of the 5’2″ ex NFL cheerleader and pro card holder, who weighs in at 110-112 pounds in the off-season and between 98 and 102 in season, body fat 12-15% off and 7-0% in season and who does look cheeky in her black tank-top with nothing else on. At all. And while we trust these images meet Ms Eason’s critieria of “leaving something to the imagination” we’re not sure what that is. Except her cerebral cortex. See more of Jamie Eason at www.jamieeason.com and in the Shugarts original interview at t-nation.com In her own words: http://www.youtube.com/v/6By6YRgRvsM”

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