What’s Your Excuse?

Bodybuilding African StyleNo drugs, no equipment, no money: the passion dies hard in Ghana.

If these guys can do it, anyone can!

Check out their amazing community-based bodybuilding network at http://www.ntpowerhouse.com/.

Samuel “Commando” Assante has already survived a “fatal accident”. Emulating his hero, Arnold  Schwarzenegger, should be childs play after that.


Bodybuilder Samual Assante


And after winning the Man Ghana December 2006 contest, Samuel’s finally got access to  “body enhancing drugs” like Amino Fuel and creatine, supplements bodybuilders take for granted in the west, so hopefully, he’s not well on his way to world domination, Schwarzenegger-style.

Catch Samuel Assante’s, Man Ghana 2006, full story here. Guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye.




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