Time to Tan and Oil Up!

Arnold Classic 2006

It’s on again this weekend!

We’re not talking about the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras but the 2007 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Arnold Classic Bodybuilding

It’s festival of rippling abs, glistening bods and sequined costumes. Just like the Mardi Gras!

The men’s bodybuilding competitors listed as of January 29 were:

Luke WoodGustavo Badell
Mark Dugdale
Tony Freeman
Marcus Haley
Phillip Heath
David Henry
Dexter Jackson
Johnnie Jackson
Dennis James
Victor Martinez
Ronny Rockel
Markus Ruhl
Sergey Shelestov
Vince Taylor
Branch Warren
Luke Wood

But there’s much more. Fitness shows, martial arts and feats of strength. A real wholesome show.
However, in an interview last Thursday Arnold himself lamented the use of steroids.

“I believe they can slip through it. I believe that we have athletes on the stage that are taking things.”

“Every single year I feel uncomfortable when we have the competition”

“Just the way some of the athletes look — it is just an instinctive thing. I’ve been around the field enough to know there is a certain puffiness and a certain size of the necks and this and that”.

Really, Big Fella, we’d never have guessed.

Interestingly, the FAQ page on the Arnold site doesn’t offer any advice for would be bodybuilders wanting to compete. But there is advice for aspiring fitness models and casual dress is fine at the Arnold Classic VIP Dinner.

Does that mean competitors don’t need to change after their show?

Fitness International 2006
Ms Fitness International 2006

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