Stallone Blasts into Sydney

Stop or my mom will shootOn Saturday night Sly Stallone was detained by Customs at Sydney Airport for a couple of hours after his luggage failed the x-ray test.

After arriving at 10pm a decidedly testy Stallone emerged from customs after midnight.

No-one has revealed the nature of the suspicious items in Slys luggage although they have been described in the Australian media as ‘bodybuilding drugs’.

Customs Weary Stallone

‘Customs were great until they slipped on those gloves’

And even though Stallone may have been cranky late on Saturday night he was the perfect diplomat as he walked up the red carpet for the premiere of ‘Rocky Balboa’ on Sunday night.

“Customs is doing a great job” he said, “I just didn’t understand some of the rules here”

So what was in his luggage?

LeanFire Inferno

A bottle of InStone ‘Leanfire Inferno’?

Yohimbine is a banned substance in Oz after all!

Let us know if you know what was in his bags.

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