Site WatchWe trust that Gordon Swanson from flies a plane better than he finesses a website. But at least he has a sense of humour. On his gym slang page, he writes:

Overheard at the gym:
Duuuuuuude, look how pumped my caps are! They’re burnin! After pyramiding up to a coupla plates on the militaries, I stripped ’em off, threw some quarters on and repped to failure, man. Then my boy here helped me with some killer negatives. We fricken threw down, man!

Notice how my deltoid muscles are engorged with blood! The buildup of lactic acid and other metabolites in the tissues is creating a burning sensation! After using progressively heavier poundages for successive sets of military presses to end up with two 45-pound weight plates, I replaced them with 25-pound plates an pressed the bar overhead repeatedly for as long as I could. Then my training partner helped me lift the bar several more times after I had lowered it slowly. What a wonderful workout!

Mr Swanson continues:
Gym slang usually involves simplifying the complex, perhaps because when you’re gasping for air on that last rep, it’s hard enough to grunt an obscenity, let alone ask your training partner if he or she wouldn’t mind lifting the Olympic barbell off your pectoralis major and minor before it jeopardizes the structural integrity of your thoracic skeleton.

[M] uch of the linguistic beauty of bodybuilding slang lies in it’s inherent contradictions. Where else would words that ordinarily conjure images of destruction: ripped, shredded, failure, thrash, burn, skull-crusher — become the ticket to hypertrophy? By the way, that’s actually a legitimate term, albeit a scientific one. It means muscle growth.”

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