Pretty Boy Abs? RuggedMag RIP

crunchWhatever happened to What started as a web magazine in late 2003 by Body-for-Life winner Joel Marion now takes you straight to Joel’s personal website.

Now that’s a pity because every now and then I’d browse back through the issues to check out those articles I particularly liked – R.I.P.

If only I could cross the void to the land of dearly departed sites like ruggedmag. But is there an after life? You bet there is, at least in cyberspace. Dead websites rest in the Web Archive Wayback Time Machine at Ruggedmag lives!

My favorite article was Pretty Boy Abs by John Romaniello. Lying pikes are just an awesome ab exercise. On re-reading the article I was also intrigued by the idea of power breathing (right at the end of the article) which Romaniello has expanded on in Ab Training from Inside Out. Some believe the power breath is the best ‘core’ exercise of all.

lying pike

Quadzillas Revenge features one of my favorite leg exercises the Barbell Hack Squat.


Barbell Hack


There’s also PS, Your Form Sucks and a nice article on grip strength, Grip Strength .

There were 18 issues in all. This is link to a list of all articles for the first 17 issues.


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