Myopure Sponsors Jimmy Sadek on his road to the 2009 ANB Title

Junior Mr Australia

Meet Jimmy Sadek, 2002 ANB Teenage Mr Australia and 2005 ANB Mr Junior Australia. After a short break, Jimmy’s on the comeback trail and Myopure is right behind him. 2009 is shaping up to be a big year for Mr Sadek—starting with the Sydney Championships in May 09.

That gives him a little over six months to get in competition shape. Even after his hiatus, Jimmy still looks—well, pretty good—and we at Myopure like to think we had something to do with that. So when he approached us with a request for sponsorship, we took a quick look at his credentials, and just couldn’t refuse.

Here’s a quick run-down:
2000 – 3rd Place ANB Teenage NSW Titles
2001 – 2nd Place ANB Teenage Sydney Titles
– 2nd place ANB Teenage NSW Titles
2002 – 1st Place ANB Teenage NSW Titles
– 1st Place ANB Teenage Mr Australia
2004 – 3rd Place ANB Junior NSW Titles
– 3rd Place ANB Junior Australian Titles
2005 – 1st Place IFBB Junior Mr Australia
– 1st Place IFBB Junior NSW Titles
– 1st Place ANB Junior Central Coast Titles
– 2nd Place ANB Junior NSW Titles
– 4th Place ANB Junior Australian Titles
– 5th Place MuscleMainia Junior Championships

Mr Teenage Australia 2002
Mr Teenage Australia 2002

And that’s not including his teenage swimming kudos—he was a state champion—or the fact Jimmy won a full scholarship to the Australia College of Physical Education at Homebush and is now a dedicated high school PE teacher in his spare time!

Jimmy’s been on the road to glory before and knows what it takes to kick ass as a competitive body builder while juggling work, family and life’s ups and downs. He’s gonna do it all again, and you can be there right beside him. Just watch this space.

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