Mr Freeze or The Joker?

Mr FreezeAlthough Arnie played Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin one gets the impression that he’s more of a Joker.

The Austrian Oak has quite a reputation as a prankster.

In his early days, he seemed to get quite a kick out of offering ‘nutty’ advice to anyone he didn’t particularly like. Yes, literally.

In Wendy Leigh’s unauthorized biography of Arnold she reports an incident where a young Arnold tells some poor guy seeking advice that the secret to getting big is eating raw nutmeg.

In the following video Arnold pimps another great ‘bodybuilding’ supplement

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The funny side of Arnold was evident early on in his bodybuilding career. Here Arnie and British talk show host Terry Wogan pose off.

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One of the problems with being a prankster is that sometimes – and maybe more often than sometimes – you can overstep the mark.


One day on the set of True Lies, Arnold Schwarzenegger invited twelve-year-old Eliza Dushku and a friend to go for a ride. “Lets go to Planet Hollywood, right now!” he exclaimed, whereupon the trio jumped into his Hummmer and headed off.
Everything was fine until he jumped the curb, Dushku recalled, “and he’s, like, running people down… tourists and pedestrians… with his head out the window, yelling!”
When they arrived at the restaurant, Schwarzenegger tried to make Dushku’s nervous friend feel more at ease by “offering” her some pie. “He said, ‘Smell this,'” Dushku recalled, “and he stuffs it, like, all in her face!” The friend ran, crying, into the bathroom, prompting Schwarzenegger to explain: “I was just trying to make friends!”

At least the Oak could be self deprecrating:

While attending a fund raising dinner one night during the run-up to the 2003 gubernatorial (recall) election in California, Schwarzenegger was approached by a woman, who exclaimed, “I’m Austrian too!”

“Well,” he replied, “No one’s perfect.”

And there’s nothing more self deprecating than a Japanese ad.

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