Lee Priest: Back in Ink

Lee Priest Back TatIn a recent post, muscle.com.au speculated on just what trash-talking OZ bodybuilder Lee Priest would get up to in 2007.

Check it out, ladies. Isn’t he gawwwwgeous.

Lee’s back tat—like his bid for media attention—is a work in progress. He plans to ink this baby in over time, and film the making of the masterpiece for his BodybuildersReality DVD series.

Is it a Bird?

It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane! Doh, it’s 6th place at the
Arnold Classic (2006) again!!

We wait with bated breath.

For a stop-gap, there’s this sample of Slippery Lee’s skate across the icy Austin asphalt to yet another tattoo parlour and video store.

[gv data=”http://www.youtube.com/v/wwTTgOZnORw”][/gv]

Not stranger to the body arts, Lee’s been raising eyebrows with his tats since 05, especially this one on his face.

Lee's flex's

Lee faces up to the critics

Meanwhile Lee’s site remains in limbo. C’mon Lee, let pro bodybuilding bygones be bygones and get in that car and drive, baby.

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