Invasion of the Bodybuilders: Ralf Moeller

Mr UniverseRalf Moeller: Tallest (198 cm ) and heaviest IFBB World Champion ever.

Two-time Mr Universe.

Hollywood actor, German film heartthrob.

In case you missed Mr Moeller in Der Superbulle und die Halbstarken (Supercop and the Rowdies) or Megalodon Hai-Alarm auf Mallorca (Shark Alarm on Marjorca), never fear.

Ralf is at a Blockbuster near you.


Even if you weren’t a fan of the Moeller’s 1998 hit series, Conan the Adventurer, just swing a dumbell around the action section of your local video store and you’re sure to find him in any number of muscle movies.

Ralf and Arnie

Some hits like Cyborg (1989), Universal Solder (1992) , Gladiator (2000) and Scorpion King (2002) and some misses like The Bad Pack (1998) and my personal favourite, Best of the Best 2 (1993).

In 2006, Moeller appeared in the semi-hilarious Beerfest.

Keep an eye out for him in the video-game based film, Postal (2007).


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