Invasion of the Bodybuilders: Kevin Levrone

Kevin LevroneKeep an eye out for bodybuilder and 4 X Mr Olympia Runner-up, Kevin Levrone in his up-an-coming new flick, Redline, directed by Andy Cheng (End Game).

Redline is a high-octane car-racing thriller, involving crunched metal, burnt rubber and curvaceous women.

Levrone plays a classy hit man.


Redline – The Movie

Not so classy was co-star Eddie Griffin’s crash of the Enzo Ferrari, one of only 400 ever produced, worth USD 1.2 million, and part of producer Daniel Sadek’s original collection, which is used in the $26 million pic.

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Levrone’s bid for Hollywood fame was apparently inspired by being Arnie’s guest on the set of End of Days, and the bug bit hard. With Levrone’s amazing physical presence, and a few friends in high places, it only took 6 months to land a starring role in Backlash (2006). Redline is the second feature for the bodybuilding champ. Who knows: maybe the next Vin Diesel or The Rock, or even…. The Terminator?

Big Kev - Bodybuilder

Big Kev – The Bodybuilder

Levrone is one versatile guy, frontlining a band inbetween preparing another bid for this year’s Mr O, a title many think he deserves.

Kevin Levrone

The Star

Last year, in a bid to dispel the myth of the muscle bound bodybuilder, Levrone announced that he was world’s fastest man, based on a hand-timed 40 m at 4.1 seconds.

Levrone, Built for Speed

The Sprinter

He issued a challenge to race Olympian Maurice Greene, which was never met, but former British sprinter and official 2nd fastest man on earth, Dwain Chambers stepped up in a historic and fun Costa Mesa race that probably did more for public relations than it did for Levrone’s ego. Hey, anyone that big doesn’t need an ego.

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