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Female Bodybuilders of the RANBody building and Figure sculpting first started at HMAS CERBERUS in 1998 as a Mens and Woman’s ‘before and after’ competition. There were seven competitors. Since those early days the competition has progressed and is currently in its 9th year, attracting dozens of amateur bodybuilders from around Australia and across the Navy, Army and Air Force.The competition is judged by the International Natural Body Building Association (INBA) and competitors at all levels and ages are encouraged to compete.

The event is usually held at HMAS CERBERUS in September each year at the Southern Cross Cinema, and is allegedly a pretty wild night.


The Line-up: 2000

From its inception, the competition has grown in scope and popularity, with a reputation for being a fun, fast-paced event. Yet it is seen by many as a stepping stone to civilian competition.

Although judged by the INBA, the competitors, many of whom are on stage for the first time, are given plenty of room to move.

“The CERBERUS event should be viewed by the competitors as a celebration of great personal achievement, therefore there are no losers here tonight, only winners,” INBA president Wayne McDonald has said.

Heather Benyen

CPL Heather Benyen shows her style at the 2004 ADF Event

Events on the program often include guest-posing routines from INBA champions, and presentations from bodybuilding legends like Don Mahoney.

Of the 2000 event, Mahoney said.

I’ve competed in bodybuilding events all over the world, but one thing is for sure, I’ve never before seen so many contestants have so much fun as they have done here at CERBERUS tonight,” Don Mahoney said.

The competition is open to all service and defence civilian personnel and the organisers are encouraging interstate competitors from other defence force bases to enter.

“Promoting a healthy lifestyle, great entertainment, and having some fun are the main objectives of this event,” says organisor POPT Jeff Kerr.

Celebrated for its camaraderie and support by all the competitors both on stage and back stage, the event attracts a wider audience and more contestants every year.

Sounds like bodybuilding at its best.





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