Gina, Not Geena.

GinaGina Davis credits bodybuilding legend Cory Everson with getting her into the sport.

“I was, like, that’s what a female should look like,” she says.

That was fourteen years ago. Now, Gina’s a big gun in her own right. Literally.

In fact, the 2004 NPC Champion’s seventeen-inch biceps are so impressive that they run the risk of detracting from the rest of her body, especially her shoulders, when she’s on stage.

Gina’s solution?

“I’m just going to have to train the hell outa my delts!”

Gina credits her biceps to genetics, plus a killer work ethic at the gym. Plus what she lovingly calls “burnouts”.

“It involves getting on the hammer strength preacher curl machine with the appropriate weight for your strength level minus a little due to what follows. I have my spotter pull down on the weight as I go into the eccentric (negative) phase of the exercise and help a bit on the concentric phase. Once I feel sufficiently ‘burned.’ I will pump out as many as I can unassisted. Trust me, this exercise is a killer if done properly. People are constantly asking me how I got my biceps so big. Well, combined with my genetics, this exercise is what I think has been the biggest factor.”




But Gina warns newbies and veterans alike not to don’t overtrain.

Limited sets and reps and heavy weight is the way to go: “The bicep and tricep are relatively small muscle groups, so doing something like 6 sets of 15 each is overkill. You can get a lot more done with lower sets and reps and heavier weight than you can with extreme volume training with arms.”

Gina uses heavy weights year round and usually does 3 sets of 10-12 reps for each exercise.

Want big guns? Get them here.

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