Dexter Blitzes the Field

Dexter JacksonDexter Jackson was the standout winner of the 2007 IFBB Grand Prix Australia.

In his first return to this event since winning in 2004, Jackson was in a class of his own.

Guess that’s what you can do if you –

    Get proper rest
    Listen to your body
    Train Smart

      – as ‘The Blade’ recommends on his site. Plus 400 grams of protein a day and … Anything else, Dexter?

      Second place went to Ronny Rockel who couldn’t quiet match his 2006 performance.

      Ronny Rockel

      Okay, Ronny it’s time to update the front page of your website.

      And rounding out the top three was Big Vince Taylor.

      Vince Taylor

      For Ronny and Vince, the Aussie Grand Prix was like taking candy from a baby.

      They placed 8th and 10th at the Arnold just one week ago before rocketing to 3rd and 4th in the Aussie show of Shows.

      Were their successes due to amazing week of training, a secret “One Week to the Top” diet, or does it just reflect the standard of the competition down under?

      Mind you, there were a couple of gutsy performances in the lower order.

      Gutsy Performance

      And please don’t tell me size matters!

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