Cyber Bodybuilding Revisited

The results are in for the MD Cyber Classic.

Cyber Bodybuilding Finalists

Four lucky winners from around the world have been selected. Most, no all, live in the USA.

That cuts down on the expense of flying competitors to the Arnold Classic weekend were our Cyber Bodybuilders will stay in the same hotel as their meat space compatriots.

If MD were really going to stick with the ‘Cyber’ theme they should have just taken the finalists to the Arnold on a USB drive.

MD forum members are voting on the fifth finalist with Lawrence Hosannah in the early lead.


My favorite, Lamar Myers, trails the field with a disappointing zero votes. What gives? There’s got to be a category for most muscular hair.

Most Muscular Hair

You can view all the contestants at the MD Cyberclassic 2007 gallery

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