Cyber Bodybuilding has Arrived!

cyber classicIn case you missed it, Muscular Development decided that October 2006 was the dawn of the digital age. According to long-time MD writer John Romano, they’d just been patiently waiting to see where this new technology was heading.

To further demonstrate that MD really gets this new fangled Internet thing they also launched the 1st Annual MD Cyber Body Building Classic.

Just set up the digital camera in the bedroom and snap pictures of 4 quarter turns and 8 mandatory poses, subscribe to MD – you knew there was a catch – and, voila, you’re ready to enter your first bodybuilding contest.

First prize is US$10,000, an endorsement contract and a guaranteed cover shot on MDs print magazine.

However, if you’re not ready to go now it’s probably a bit late – Entries close on January 8th – but what better time then now to start preparing for the 2nd Annual MD Cyber Body Building Classic.

Is it drug tested, you ask. Are you kidding! MD is hard-core.

And to prove it, they’ve hired Dave “Jumbo” Palumbo, bodybuilder, ex-con and drug dealer as editor in chief of the online MD.


Better make that ‘counterfeit’ drug dealer. Jumbo did time for selling counterfeit GH.

Virtual GH for a Cyber Body Building Contest. Perfect!

But Jumbo’s obviously reformed. References to telling the truth feature heavily in his mission statement at MD even though I had a hard time finding any reference to doing time at Jumbo’s own site.

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