Art Imitates Life

Muscle Art For Charlene Ralph, art imitates life. Charlene is not only committed to training, but loves to draw bodybuilders. In her own words,

“ My artwork centres around an appreciation for the muscular human form. From the time I was very young, I have been impressed with super hero images such as Batman and Superman… This appreciation for muscular bodies is expressed in my artwork to show strength of character and spiritual passion… Part of my character is that I love a fierce battle and as such I have a great desire to be physically strong and healthy and spiritually fit and read to fight. That’s what I like to express in my drawings and paintings…”


Charlene sells her art online, and one of her proudest achievements is a signed drawing of bodybuilder Nasser El Sonbaty, in her Gallery.

45 year old Charlene is active in her Church, a motorcycle enthusiast, a wife and mother, and passionate about her training. She trains 4 days a week with weights, plus cardio and some military-style endurance training. She sticks to a strict diet regimen consisting of 30 grams of lean protein every 2-3 hours, and modified carbohydrate intake.

More Muscle Art

“I get teased at church sometimes because on Sundays, I always need to eat a protein bar in between Sunday School and the service.”

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