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Beales Back77 year old Pax Beale has been a champion sportsman all his life. He’s run over 30 marathons, swam from SF to Alcatraz at night at the age of 50, has a lifetime record of achievement in football, track, triathlon and boxing, but didn’t start bodybuilding until he was 53. Eight years later he won MR USA over 40. But perhaps Pax is most famous for his remarkable recovery from a 5-way multiple heart bypass at the age of 61, in 1991. He was left with less than 25% of his heart function and spent the next few years reversing that. Today his fully functioning heart has flabbergasted the doctors. For Pax it’s simple: bodybuilding.

Pax Beale
Mr USA Over 40, Pax Beale

According to Muscle and Fitness columnist, Clarence Bass, Pax attributes his recovery to his unique training methods. He does 30 to 40 minutes a day on the stationary bike, but relies on lifting ONE LIMB AT A TIME! to keep his heart healthy, his body young, and spirit aflame. Pax details this and more in his bestselling book, Body for the Ages.

Clarence Bass

Bodybuilder and Write Clarence Bass at 60

Pax’s number one fan, Jon “Fit over 40” Bensen has this to say about a few days spent with his friend and mentor.

“Pax and I tore up World Gym San Francisco the first morning, and The Dolphin Club Gym, with equipment older than I am, the second morning. What a rush! Training with a former Mr. America who still hits the iron as if he’s settling an old score. Life is sweet!”

Pax, Sophie and Jon
Pax Beale and the Missus, and Benson

According to his blog, Benson’s upcoming free e-book, B & B in SF: Adventures with a 77 year old Mr America tells the whole story.

Jon Benson
40-something Jon Benson


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