Viva Los Wages

G’day all.

Well it has been an interesting couple of months! Firstly I’ve only just received my computer back from repair “under warranty.” Hmm, I think this means, stick it on the shelf for two weeks and then kick around the warehouse until the warranty runs out!

But its back now and I’m free to browse the net at any time at least until it breaks again!

Well, well, well, what have Craig Titus and Kelly Ryan been up to? Murdering there personnel assistant buy the sounds out it. Millisa James a former fitness instructor, moved from New Jersey to live with Titus and Ryan. Her body was found in Ryan’s burnt out Jaguar in Las Vegas, The’re both due to appear this week in court and are both claiming to be innocent. I guess we will all just have to wait and see what becomes of these two.

My dieting is going well although after working out my BF% it’s not as low I thought. I’m currently at 15% BF…. yes 15%. I thought it would be around 12% — but my abs are starting to appear. I’m weighing 97kgs and planning on getting down to under 10% without too much strength loss.

I‘m concentrating on heavy compound movements — Deadlift, Squat and Bench with a few isolation exercises thrown in for good measure. This is my current 4 day split.

Back, Traps, Rear delts.

Chest, Fr Delts,side laterals and calves.

Quads, Biceps, Abs.


Triceps, Hamstrings, calves.

I’ll roughly use this programme for 4 weeks then switch again, My calories at this stage are around 2500 a day, 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight and 150 grams of carbs on non-training days and 180-200gms on training days.

Over the 5 weeks I have been dieting I’ve lost around 5kgs. Every 5th week use I Vince Girondas 8 x 8 training for 1 week just to give the body a bit of rest from the heavy lifting.

I’m hoping to get more articles wrote over the coming months (not heard that before) due to the fact my wife works weekends and I play Daddy daycare for Lydia who has just mastered the art of standing up straight… with a little help from the furniture.

Well its time for Lydias lunch and mine, so catch you next time.
Oh, I’ve just started some Tribex 500 (Tribbulus) so I will let you know the outcome!

Cheers Ian

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