Squats are Back

G’day all.

Well with the recent events in London it doesn’t feel right chatting on about my insignificant day-to-day life! But that’s what these terrorists want — to disrupt our lives — so you had better try harder scumbags!

Most of my family lives up north of London. I only have a few friends who live in the central London area and I hope they’re ok. The sooner these extreme fractions of so-called Religious groups are wiped of the face of the earth the better! The only way mankind can improve and move forward is with a freemind and not with any of these fanatical religious regimes trying to control free thought and free will. They won’t meet on a battlefield with respect and honour. They skulk in the shadows and kill and mame innocent men, women and children.

Now that’s of my chest I’ll get on with my drivel of what’s been happening.

Squats, ha harr! Yep, I’ve been doing the stretches and exercises the Chiro gave me and on Wednesday I managed to train at Dee Why with the guy’s and it was legs. I was looking forward to this session because I’ve been training solo for 3 months now and missed the competition. The session went a little like this:

First was 2 sets of leg curls just to warm up, stretching in between.

1st set leg press — The type that pivots as opposed to a sled — 160kgs
2nd set 280kgs 20 reps
3rd set 480kgs 10 reps… yep she was loaded to the max.
4th set same as above.

Next I was going to do some hack squats but the boys were egging me on to do back squats! Remember, I haven’t squatted for 4 weeks and I was a bit apprehensive. So I started in really light and kept my abs really tight. I have had to change my squatting technique from a power-lifting squat to more of a bodybuilding squat.

1st set 60kgs 20 reps
2nd set 100kgs 20 reps
3rd set 180kgs — I was a little worried at this point although everything was going ok! So I took the plunge and un-racked it! 10 good reps and a big smile after I had re-racked it!!!! And two days later everything still works, as it should.

Next were lying hamstring curls 1 warm up set of 30 reps and 3 sets in the 12 to 15-rep range. I did two sets of stiff legged deadlifts with a pair of 30lb dumbbells, aiming for the stretch-legs finished.

My training partner Matthu informed me that he had come across the psycho-bodybuilder who tried to bench press half the weights in the gym The guy had asked Matt for a spot on flat bench so Matt kindly obliged. After watching him struggle for 2 reps with 300lbs Matt thought exactly the same as I did when this guy asked me for a spot! That is, he’s going to drop the weight and try again. But no!!!! Psycho-bodybuilder sticks another 20kgs on each side and asks for another spot.

Matthu isn’t as forgiving as I am so when Psycho-BB lifts the bar what does Matt do? Matt puts his hands in his pockets, that’s what he does!! Oh and he shouts encouragement like ‘come on get it up!’ At this point the bar is pinning Psycho-BB down and the only thing that’s rising is his blood pressure. So Matt leans over and helps him re-rack the bar and Psycho-BB says, “What happened I was going really well?” Matt just shakes his head and walks off. Where there’s no sense there’s no feeling is what I say.

Well guy’s I’m on the night shift tonight (feeding the baby) so I had better go.

Cheers Ian

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