No 1 Bodybuilding Secret!

G’day Guy’s

I knew that would get your attention!

For me the most important thing to gain success in any field, and especially in bodybuilding, is “ Consistency”. Your training, diet and rest must be consistent and a hit and miss approach won’t cut the mustard. Quiet simply consistency is the key to becoming huge or ripped which ever takes your fancy. Workouts must done, meals must be eaten and the TV turned off.. so you can drag your sorry arse off to bed.. no, I don’t care if that movies just started, record it and watch it at the weekend (except if Arnie’s in it, of course).

If there’s one thing I’ve been over the years it’s consistent, I’ve never missed a workout (is my nose growing?), never missed a meal and always gone to bed on time — yes I’m totally selfish and have no life outside bodybuilding. Obviously I’m only joking but at times we must make a choice. Do I want to give this my all or am I going to carry on bitching and blaming bad genetics and lack of steroids for my shortcomings!

I remember one Friday night in about 1995. The gym I was training at was in the city centre and it was around 8:30pm. Every normal 20yr old male was putting on his weekend undies and splashing on the old spice… but not me. I stood by the window staring out at all the other young people on there way to bars and clubs while I rested in between a set of biceps curls.

It was at this point in the space time continuum (yes, I’ve just watched Back to the Future) I made the choice! Am I going to be like them always asking how do you get huge arms or, Jesus, your legs are awesome, mine just won’t grow?

NO! I finished my arm workout, went home with a sense of accomplishment to eat my chicken and veggies. Did I feel like crap and very lonely! Nooo! I felt good, like a loan warrior who stood in that empty gym, making a sacrifice. Yes, it felt good I tell ya!

I’m not preaching or saying don’t have a life because believe me I have. But I’ve made sacrifices along the way like not partying all the time and not eating junk food every time its put in front of me, just some little choices that make all the difference.

I try and train every body part at least once per week, its no use skipping the ones you don’t like. At meal times eat the correct foods and ff you’re faced with a visit to Macca’s eat this in addition to your normal diet not instead of it.

What I do to make this whole life style change easier is, and believe me it’s a life change for Buggles (no bodybuilding folk), is to treat weekdays as strict time ie training, meals and rest and at weekends relax a little. And when I say relax a little I don’t mean go on a 2 day drinking binge to Bali eating all the crap you can find. Just don’t be as strict as your weekdays, allow for family time and time away from bodybuilding and work. Believe me your body, family and mind need it.

Bodybuilding is a regimen, a religion or a uniform so consistency and sacrifice go hand in hand.

To be continued…

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