Legs are Not Just for Walking!

Blast from the Past: Ians’ second LoI first published March 2004

Yes, leg night is here again! Strange how it seems to come round faster than the more enjoyable body parts.

First up was leg curls, just 2 warm up sets to get the blood flowing through the quads, then on to leg press.

1st set 80kgs 50 reps (this gets the legs used to the plain of motion)
2nd set 240 kgs 30 reps
3rd set 360 kgs 15 reps (No hands on knees. Please if your knees hurt reduce the weight, you want big legs, not a big head!)

Next over to the squat rack…..oh I mean towel rack for you beginners! …..Only joking.

Start with a nice light weight and check your form in the mirror before increasing the weights. Form is everything when it comes to squats.

I think the easiest way to perform squats is ‘chin up and sit down!’ But not all the way of course. When you reach parallel, push back to start and don’t lock those knees. Locking out the knees only transfers the weight to the skeleton, and besides it means those leg muscles are resting!!!
Nice clean smooth reps are what you’re after.

1st set 60kgs 30 reps
2nd set 100kgs 20 reps
3rd set 180kgs 8-10 reps…..on a good day!

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