Doubles or Singles

Ian HalesG’day all

Having some time off work with my baby son set my mind a wondering! Do you train harder with a training partner or without?

The answer may simply boil down to your level of motivation. I personally think I train harder when somebody is there to give me a swift kick up the butt when things aren’t going to plan. There’s also the safety issue to think of how can you possibly train to the max without a spotter!

I know there’s drops sets and rest-pause techniques to use but these are not quite the same for me. Most of my workout life I’ve had a spotter or workout partner but for the past year or so I have trained solo.

Probably the best situation I have ever been in was when I shared a flat with one of my old training buddies. We pretty much trained, ate and talked about bodybuilding full time – both keeping check on each other’s diet,sleeping and training routines. I definitely made most of my gains in muscle and female companionship during this period. (me smiling)

Spot Me

At the moment with work and family commitments it would be impossible for me to have a training partner. I basically train different days and different times every week. Although I do miss the comeradery and intensity of having a training partner, I don’t miss the baggage that usually comes with them: if they’re having a crisis or simply having a bad day, the workout usually goes down the pan. I suppose this is where I should step in and lift the mood as all good workout buddies should. Fine, as long as they’re not one of those people who are a complete drama queen—not a good training partner quality if you ask me.

In choosing a workout partner, they should have similar lifestyle to yourself and similar workout goals. It’s no good you wanting to look like Ronnie Coleman and your partner wanting to look like Frank Spencer! I suppose opposites do attract but Frank constantly dropping the weights and shouting, “Oooh Betty,” would put me off. If you choose a member of the opposite sex, better make sure they’re pig ugly to deter you from losing the plot and chasing them round the gym or chasing other men round the gym to keep them away from your new glamour model training partner( I suppose this would count as cardio though).

So in conclusion, choose someone like yourself and if you’re looking for maximum gains choose a chemist.(only joking!)

Cheers Ian

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