Dont’ Try this at Home Kids! Unless You Want a Huge Chest.

Blast from the Past: Ians’ first LoI first published March 2004

Tuesday night is chest night, probably the most trained body part of them all, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t one of my favorites.

To start I isolated the chest with a couple of sets of incline flys, cables or dumbells will do the job, then it’s straight on to Incline barbell press – 3 sets slow and controlled pausing at the bottom of the movement for the count of 1, this will increase intensity and the muscle spends more time under tension!

The weights chosen for a chest workout say a lot about the individual, he or she should aim to exercise the muscle not the ego.

My weights for incline press were:

1 set 20 reps 60lbs
2 set 12 reps 100lbs
3 set 10 reps 100lbs

After incline press I moved on to the Cybex upright press machine.

I like to call this the “stretch arm strong” because the stretch at the bottom of the movement is awesome and because it’s a machine you can control the weight and descent of the bar much more safely than with a barbell.

The weights for the “stretch arm strong”? The full stack!

1 set 10 reps
2 set 8 reps
3 set 7 reps and 2 forced reps.

That’s all for chest. Quality not Quantity!

Now on to calves probably the most under trained body part of them all, but they have to be trained with the same passion as your arm’s or chest.

I started with 2 warm up sets on the seated calf machine. This is not one of my favorite machines as I don’t think that both the Soleus and Gastrocnemius get full weight distribution, both muscles are activated only when the legs are straight (e.g standing calve raises) But some old geezer was hogging the standing calve machine…..bless him!

So as not to waste time I decide to do calf presses on the leg press. These are one of the best size builders for calves.
I did 3sets with 240kgs, 20 reps per set!

Then home to complete the bodybuilding triangle…Training….food….rest…

To succeed you’ll need all three.

That was a bit like Jerry Springers’ final thought….only nothing about love cheating midgets!!!!

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