G’day Folks

Well the summer is here and it’s time to shed those extra pounds I’ve gained whilst eating for a small family. So two weeks ago I reduced my carbs (TimTams) and began the journey to Visible Abs Town. All I’ve done is drop my daily carbs — ie pasta, potatoes and bread — and increased my “good fats” by the way of a generous helping of flaxseed oil in my daily protein shakes, up to now I’ve dropped about 2 kilos although one of those is probably water.

My training has been mostly heavy duty in the past 6 weeks. This included 3 body parts a day and only 1 set to failure followed by 2 rest pause. My strength increased quite considerably on some of my major lifts such as bench and shoulder press.

I trained legs the usual once weekly due to the fact that they just can’t recover if I train them more than that. I am now back on training my whole body just once a week. As I’m still on day shift at work I’ve managed to catch a few training sessions with my old training partner Matthew at Dee Why Fitness First which has just bought some new — yes! my favourite — Hammer Strength equipment. I guess you could say Christmas has come early for me. Also, its surprising how much a training partner helps with motivation and encouragement,

We trained legs today and the workout went like this.

2x Leg Extension warm-up
5 mins stretching

Back Squats
1x warm up 60kgs 20 reps
1x 100kgs 15 reps
1x 140kgs 12 reps
1x 180kgs 10 reps

Seated Leg Extension
3 sets medium heavy 20 reps a set…with a good squeeze at the top.

Walking Lunges with Dumbbells
2 x 15 metres there and back with 35lb dumbbells, when you hit failure just drop the D. bells and finish the distance, this is the beauty of using D. bells over a barbell — they’re easier to drop.

Then on to Hamstrings

4x Hammer strength Standing Hamstring Curl 10kgs
1x Stiff-Legged Deadlift

As I walked out of the gym my knees were buckling beneath me… and then I burst out laughing because Matt had to ride his motorbike home and I was in the car.

Well folks I’d better go and save my New York steak from the Barbie… I don’t like them to well done.

Till next time


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