The Shirt

The bench press is a given in today’s lifting world, but this was not always the case. According to Josh Levin at Slate Magazine for much of the 20th century, serious competitors were judged primarily on how much they could lift over their heads. They sneered at the idea of supine weightlifting — “boobie-building,”

In a Shed Outback

In a Shed Outback

Ben Callcott once said “Ambition can be found at the source of all progress.” You’ve never heard of him, I realise that, but if you have ever skipped a workout, take a moment to analyse that statement. If you lift weight, you are striving for progress and you need to be clear about your ambition.

Prepare to be Inspired!

Imagine you’re in a bar, tanked on tequila. It’s past midnight and a shapely young lady is hitting on you. This shapely young lady is not your wife. Your nine-to-five excuse for a life is not what you’d planned for yourself. Feeling kind of sick, you stagger out the door and find yourself opposite one […]

Cyber Bodybuilding has Arrived!

In case you missed it, Muscular Development decided that October 2006 was the dawn of the digital age. According to long-time MD writer John Romano, they’d just been patiently waiting to see where this new technology was heading. To further demonstrate that MD really gets this new fangled Internet thing they also launched the 1st […]