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    Dear Ian,

    Very nice deadlift vid! I like how Myopure is starting to include video to make the website more attractive.
    Just was interested in watching your technique during the lift- I noticed that at the end of the lift, you bend your back backwards a little. I’ve never seen anyone bend as far as you do.
    From what I know, the muscles are working hardest (during this movement) when the legs are bent the most. So when the legs are nearly straight, all the weight is put onto the leg bones-not the muscles. So am I right in saying that you’re trying to put max intensity on the glutes, and tensing the legs?
    Also, do you recommend other lifters to adopt your style?


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    Hey matey,

    I don’t deadlift that often at the moment-but you are right I tense my hamstrings and glutes at the end of the motion-Its probably not the safest method but works for me. The risk of hyper-extending is pretty high-so if you do try it take it easy and keep it light.

    Good luck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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