G’day Folks Well the summer is here and it’s time to shed those extra pounds I’ve gained whilst eating for a small family. So two weeks ago I reduced my carbs (TimTams) and began the journey to Visible Abs Town. All I’ve done is drop my daily carbs — ie pasta, potatoes and bread — […]

The Big Four-O

G’day guy’s No it’s not my age or my waist size! Its my 40th ‘A Life of Iron’. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my rantings on training and everyday opinions. I haven’t written as many as I’d have liked but, hey, life gets in the way…I said ‘life’ not ‘wife’, he he. My life has […]

Muscle or Fat?

G’day Guys Well things are pretty normal in the Hales’ household for a change. Little Lydia is sleeping through most nights and waking at 5.00 o’clock in the morning is now acceptable as a good nights sleep. I was back on day shifts until one of my co-workers went on his hols so I’m back […]

Squats are Back

G’day all. Well with the recent events in London it doesn’t feel right chatting on about my insignificant day-to-day life! But that’s what these terrorists want — to disrupt our lives — so you had better try harder scumbags! Most of my family lives up north of London. I only have a few friends who […]