Legs are Not Just for Walking!

Blast from the Past: Ians’ second LoI first published March 2004 Yes, leg night is here again! Strange how it seems to come round faster than the more enjoyable body parts. First up was leg curls, just 2 warm up sets to get the blood flowing through the quads, then on to leg press.

Full Body Twist

G’day all Well with all the hoo-haa over full body workouts I decided to give it a go. I’ve been training full body over the last couple of months, and lets just say it’s not the be all and end all of training. The full body workout I started with went as follows:

No 1 Bodybuilding Secret!

G’day Guy’s I knew that would get your attention! For me the most important thing to gain success in any field, and especially in bodybuilding, is “ Consistency”. Your training, diet and rest must be consistent and a hit and miss approach won’t cut the mustard. Quiet simply consistency is the key to becoming huge […]

Viva Los Wages

G’day all. Well it has been an interesting couple of months! Firstly I’ve only just received my computer back from repair “under warranty.” Hmm, I think this means, stick it on the shelf for two weeks and then kick around the warehouse until the warranty runs out! But its back now and I’m free to […]